Capturing the true heart of music

For decades, Fred Forssell´s designs have been considered as some of the most unique and admirable achievements in the field of high end professional audio: be it preamps, equalisers, compressors, channelstrips, converters or countless customised solutions - from summing boxes, monitor controllers to large consoles.

Forssell Technologies products are designed to produce a large, open, extremely detailed and three dimensional sound-stage where the instrument can sit in a natural fashion. 

The basic philosophy behind all the Forssell Technologies designs and products is to help to obtain a recorded or reproduced sound that is true to the instrument or source recorded without adding any sound qualities or “effects” of their own. Many so called “accurate” products produce a highly “etched” or high contrast sound that tends to come out of the speakers toward the listener in an aggressive way. This is not the way most instruments sound when you listen to them acoustically and it is not the way we usually want them to sound when we listen to them in a playback system. 

If your intention is to enjoy top quality, beautiful, natural sound of highest aesthetic values, Forssell Technologies products can open a direct way toward this achievement. Be it within a professional studio enviroment, location recording work or getting a stunning audiophile listening experience.

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